Why has my payment been denied?

HawksNest Online uses the worlds #1 Fraud Protection  - Kount.

Any online retailer who uses the same fraud protection globally, all share the same security, as one network.

Kount is a leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management. Our 'decision engine' platform is ideal for managing fraud in online/telephone channels that process payments and onboard new customers. Kount is committed to offering an end-to-end, single-source solution focused on speed, simplicity and ease of use...with a no-compromise approach to providing real-time accuracy in results.

If a payment is declined for suspected fraud activity, the following will occur :

  • Your credit card details have been compromised and obtained by a fraud network, and they have attempted to place an order on your credit card on one of the websites that uses Kount fraud protection within the same network that HawksNest Online is a part of
  • To ensure that the fraud order was not placed on your credit card, the credit card has been flagged as fraud and blocked for any transactions to be placed.
  • It is sugegsted that you as the customer contact the bank immediately and cancel your credit card and obtain a new credit card, as the details have been compromised and obtained by a fraud network.
  • In the meantime, payment can be made by PayPal or by using a family members credit card if allowed. Alternatively you will need to wait until a new credit card is issued.